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Immune Support Duo - Altrient C and Neutrient D3 K2

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Neutrient D3K2 + Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C - The ultimate summer duo with real immune and skin support credentials.

Summer immune duo with D3 + liposomal C

Your concerns regarding your immune resilience across 2021 are completely understandable. Both vitamin D and C play important roles in supporting normal immune function. These nutrients work in unique ways. From supporting your body’s first line of defence to being involved with balancing your body’s inflammatory response and helping protect your cells from oxidative stress generated during an active infection. Starting your day with an oral spray of Neutrient D3+ K2 and a sachet of liposomal Altrient C is an easy way to top up of these summer health heroes.

Naturally glowing summer skin

Offsetting the impact of summer sun on your skin is a hot topic if you’re looking to slow those premature signs of ageing AKA wrinkles! Skin hydration, elasticity and radiance are somewhat reliant on collagen levels. Vitamin C plays a key role in supporting normal collagen formation and liposomal forms of vitamin C are considered unrivalled in terms of absorption rates and efficacy. The remarkable benefits of liposomal vitamin C were demonstrated recently in a clinical study. After taking just 3 sachets of liposomal Altrient C for 16 weeks results included:

  • 40% increase in elasticity and firmness in just 8 weeks
  • 61.4% increase is elasticity and firmness within 16 weeks